I.O.I Stages Their 1st International Performance In France Without Key Member

Member Jeon Somi was off on a rough start after failing to join I.O.I on their first international stage in Paris, France. 

On June 2nd, I.O.I was in Paris, France to attend the 2016 KCON. Prior to their performances, however, it was confirmed that the group will perform with only ten members due to Somi’s age.

YMC Entertainment also stated that Mnet, the organisers of the event, tried to secure a permit for the fifteen year old singer, which is considered underage in the country, but failed to do so in a timely manner.

Despite not able to perform with the group, Somi still joined them on the way to the country and was spotted by a number of fans enjoying her time in the city. She was also able to meet with the fans at the event.

For the first time, 2016 KCON held a concert in Paris, France and was attended by other artists such as BTS, Block B, SHINee and more.

Source: OSEN

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