I.O.I To Reveal Sub-Unit Activities And Future Plans Of Disbandment

With I.O.I‘s group activities have concluded for “Dream Girls” having performed at their last scheduled event at the Dream Concert on June 4th, the girls are now preparing for upcoming unit promotions.

On June 5th, an official at YMC Entertainment revealed, “We are currently in the final phase of coordinating members into a unit. The members of the unit will be confirmed and announced later this week on the official website. Due to a variety of reasons, many were disappointed in I.O.I’s ‘Dream Girls’ activities. They will show you a better look though their unit activities which have been thoroughly prepared.”

They further revealed that guide tracks are already prepared for the unit members, who will immediately starting their recordings once they have been confirmed. With approximately a month to prepare for their unit promotions, it is expected that the unit will be returning to the stage as early as July.

On the other hand, members who are not chosen to be in the unit will be returning to their original agency where they are expected to greet the public once again through their individual activities.

I.O.I is expected to continue activities as both a group and unit well into January of next year before they disband.

Source: OSEN

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