I.O.I’s Kim Sejeong Rumored To Be Going Solo This Summer With New Debut

Though I.O.I‘s group activities with “Dream Girls” is coming near its end, fans were excited to hear that member Sejeong continuing activities with a solo debut this summer.

According to initial reports, Kim Sejeong is preparing for her solo activities this summer with a goal to make her solo debut within the first week of July while her original agency Jellyfish Entertainment is coordinating her broadcast and music schedule for her upcoming solo debut.

Jellyfish responded to the rumors, stating that they were unfounded. On June 3rd, they said, “The rumors of Sejeong’s solo debut are untrue. Currently, she is focused on performing with I.O.I in Paris. Sejeong will do her very best as part of I.O.I until the end. 

Following the Dream Concert on June 4th, I.O.I will officially end their activities for “Dream Girls” and will split off into unit activities until their official disbandment in January. Additionally, the members will be returning to their own agencies, as opposed to being active under YMC Entertainment, where they can follow their own activities. For example, member Chaeyeon will be active as part of her original girl group DIA this June, who is making a comeback.

Source: Star News and OSEN