ICHILLIN’ To Promote As Six Members As Sohee Withdraws From Group

We wish her the best of luck!

According to KME Entertainment, ICHILLIN’s Sohee will be leaving the group. Below is the official statement released online.

Hello, this is KME Entertainment. First off, we would like to sincerely thank the fans who care and support the group ICHILLIN’. Today, we bring you sad news with a heavy heart.

Member Sohee has officially withdrawn from the group. After talking and discussing Sohee’s future and career, we decided in agreement with Sohee that she would end team activities as ICHILLIN’.

We apologize to fans for delivering the unfortunate news and would like to inform you that ICHILLIN’ will continue activities as a six-member group for the time being. We ask that you continue to support and show interest in ICHILLIN’. Thank you. 

Source: newsen