An Iconic Child Actress, Now All Grown Up, Talks About Her Recent Nose Surgery

“It’s a nose-coming-out!”

Soonpoong Clinic was a popular SBS sitcom in Korea in the late 1990s that birthed some of the most iconic characters and memes still discussed today.


The sitcom is about a quirky family who owns an obstetrics and gynecology clinic called Soonpoong Clinic. The cast list is full of familiar faces, such as actresses Song Hye Kyo from The Glory and Kim So Yeon from Penthouse, who both played daughters of the family.

Cast of “Soonpoong Clinic” | SBS

Another iconic character that was loved by the public was a little girl named Mi Dal, played by actress Kim Sung Eun.

Kim Sung Eun as Mi Dal | SBS

Mi Dal was known for being bold, sassy, clumsy, and quite a troublemaker.

Kim Sung Eun was around eight years old when she was in Soonpoong Clinic, and now she has grown into an adult who is active as an actress and BJ on Afreeca TV. She recently opened a new YouTube channel showing herself washing rescue dogs, getting a pedicure, and traveling around Jeju Island.

Kim Sung Eun | @lara_sungeun/Instagram

She also recently uploaded a video talking about her getting her nose done for the second time. In a video titled “Nose Reoperation From Then Until Now,” she showed us the process of her rhinoplasty surgery—from washing her face at the hospital to asking up with a bandaged face.

| @larasungeun/YouTube

She first explained how long she was in the hospital on the day of her surgery.

I arrived in the morning, then I think I went into the surgery room by lunchtime, but when I opened my eyes, I think it was 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.

— Kim Sung Eun


Kim Sung Eun also talked about the pain that came after the nose job.

Every person has a different pain tolerance so I’m not too sure, but I was able to endure it with Tylenol… The throbbing pain lasted until day three. After three days, I don’t think there was much pain. But there was the pain of not being able to breathe after that.

— Kim Sung Eun

She also clarified that the nose might not look good at first, but it will get better with time.

As time passes, you can see the bloating going down. But until around the one-month mark, or before that, you keep looking at the mirror and think thoughts like, ‘I think it’s messed up’ or ‘I think it’s bent,’ but I heard that it’s common to think this while the nose is still bloated in the first month. And they told me to not worry, and I said, ‘Okay,’ but kept looking at myself in the mirror. It was a huge stress for me, but no need to worry—time has solved it.

— Kim Sung Eun


The actress stated that she could see her nose getting better week by week after a month. She then noted that the day she filmed this video marks three months since she got her nose surgery and showed how natural it is.

You can see that it’s very natural and my facial expressions are natural, and I can blow my nose too, of course. So I am very pleased with the results.

— Kim Sung Eun


Although she is happy with the results now, she shared she was initially nervous because she didn’t want her image to change after her nose job.

I really really wanted not to look like somebody else. I didn’t want my image to change. I wanted to keep my familiar face and didn’t want it to look unnatural or different to you. My image is not that different, right?

— Kim Sung Eun

The actress then wrapped up the video by saying she hoped her “nose-coming-out” video would help and encourage people stressed and depressed about their nose jobs. She also advised people looking into nose surgeries to get plenty of consultations from different hospitals and doctors and wished them the best of luck and good energy.

Source: YouTube