Iconic Chinese Singer Na Ying Garners Controversy After Kicking A Fan Who Kept Filming Her

“Even if taking a photograph is wrong, kicking someone is just too much.”

A video of famed singer Na Ying kicking a young female fan has gone viral on Chinese social media.

Aside from her singing career, Na Ying is most famous as the judge of the popular singing competition show, “The Voice of China.”

She has sold over 10 million albums and has been famed for her candid and no-nonsense personality.

While her forthright manner has been respected, many Chinese netizens have felt she had gone too far.

Reports stated that at a shopping mall in Macau, Na Ying was filmed by a fan walking in front of the pop diva.

When she realized that she was filmed, Na Ying reportedly asked, “Why are you filming me? Don’t shoot me!”

The fan continued to film her, which infuriated Na Ying. It was at this moment when Na Ying walked forward and kicked the girl.

The clip of the incident has spread across the internet, with netizens having a polarised response.

Although it was later revealed that Na Ying’s assistant warned the fan to stop filming, many comments sided with the female fan.

Many netizens felt that Na had reacted inappropriately and that the singer should have gotten used to the public scrutiny as a celebrity.

Some felt that the girl’s actions did not warrant a physical confrontation.

Even if taking a photograph is wrong, kicking someone is just too much.

One of the fan’s friends has come forward to reveal that she was left heartbroken after the kick.

The encounter allegedly left the fan in tears, and she later ripped up a ticket to Na Ying’s concert.

Others have sided with Na Ying, criticizing the fan for invading Na Ying’s privacy in public.

Some of Na Ying’s fans have even said that the fan deserved what she got.

If someone filmed me like that, I would have kicked her too.

Furthermore, Na had apologized to the fan before she had left, which was not captured in the video.

The behavior of celebrities towards fervent and obsessive fans has been scrutinized for decades.

The correct etiquette for dealing with such fans has continuously been debated, as shown by the divisive response to Na Ying’s encounter.

The full video taken by the fan can be viewed below.

Source: The Independent Singapore and 8 Days