Iconic First-Generation Idol Alleges She Refused An Offer To Marry A Thai Prince

“We were on a big boat when a bigger yacht approached us…”

S.E.S.‘s Bada revealed she refused a blind date with Thai royalty.

Bada | @bada0228/Instagram

On April 5, iconic first-generation idol, Bada appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star, where she spoke candidly. During the episode, Bada shared a story that happened to her when she visited the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

| @bada0228/Instagram

During my S.E.S. days, we went to the Phi Phi Islands to film. We were on a big boat when a bigger yacht approached us.

— Bada

The idol then stated that a lady who was adorned with jewels stepped off the boat and asked for her.

Filming suddenly stopped, and from the yacht, a lady wearing ruby and sapphire rings on all ten fingers stepped off. She then suddenly told us that the yacht we were on was hers and that she also provided Phi Phi Island to us. She then asked, ‘Who is Bada?’

— Bada

Bada, who then went up to the boat that the lady came on, received a surprising proposition that shocked both audiences and the panelists on the show.

Bada (left) and Jo Hyunah (right) |

She then showed me a photo of a boy. Turns out, he was a prince of Thailand. She then told me that the royal family liked my physiognomy and asked me to be the second wife of the prince. The first queen had to be Thai.

— Bada

Bada then revealed the reason why she refused the royal family’s invitation.

She asked me for my parent’s phone number, saying that they had enough money to feed 100 generations, but I refused because I wouldn’t be the first wife.

— Bada

Meanwhile, Bada debuted in 1997 with the iconic girl group S.E.S. The group has become one of K-Pop’s most successful groups to date and is revered as one of the industry’s legendary groups.

Bada would later go on to marry her husband in 2017 and gave birth to the couple’s first child in 2020.

Bada and her daughter at 2023 Seoul Fashion Week | @bada0228/Instagram
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