10 Iconic K-Pop Songs You May Not Know Were Produced By Yoo Young Jin

The famous producer has worked with every SM Entertainment group.

Mostly recognized for his contributions to aespa and GOT the Beat songs, Yoo Young Jin has been part of SM Entertainment‘s history since the debut of their first group H.O.T. As a result, he has worked on some of the company’s most iconic and legendary songs, from BoA‘s debut to Red Velvet‘s international smash hit.

Following his exit from the company, fans may want to revisit his work as part of SM. Here are 10 songs you may not know he wrote and composed.

aespa performing “Next Level”, a song produced by Yoo Young Jin. | Inkigayo

1. BoA’s “ID; Peace B”

The singer’s debut was produced and written by Lee Soo Man and Yoo Young Jin.

2. Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man”

The song was produced and arranged solely by Yoo Young Jin. He also worked on the lyrics together with E. Mun.

3. TVXQ!’s “Purple Line”

Yoo Young Jin co-produced TVXQ!’s Japanese hit single together with Yoo Han Jin and JJ650.

4. Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”

The song produced and written by Yoo Young Jin and Lee Soo Man received many accolades and became one of the most legendary K-Pop songs.

5. SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

SHINee’s smash hit song “Ring Ding Dong” was written and produced solely by Yoo Young Jin. The song is famously known as dangerously catchy, resulting in it being banned by college exam takers multiple times.

6. EXO’s “Mama”

The group’s debut single was entrusted to Yoo Young Jin, who wrote and composed the song alone.

7. EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day”

Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin‘s unit “Song of the Year” nominated single was composed by Yoo Young Jin in collaboration with Steve ManovskiJenson VaughanCaroline Ailin, and  Jordan Croucher.

8. Girls’ Generation’s “I GOT A BOY”

Girls’ Generation’s critically acclaimed “phenomenon” was produced by Yoo Young Jin and Will Simms, with Yoo working on the lyrics by himself.

9. Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy”

The title track from one of the most critically acclaimed repack albums in K-Pop was also produced by Yoo Young Jin in collaboration with popular production team The Stereotypes, Max Song, and Whitney Phillips.

10. NCT U’s “BOSS”

One of the most loved NCT U singles, “BOSS,” was produced by Yoo Young Jin, Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, Tiffany Fred, and Patrick Smith. Yoo also worked on the lyrics together with Wutan and NCT members Taeyong and Mark.

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