“Idiotic Boomer…” Famous Actor Lashes Out At Drama Writer Who Allegedly Refused To Cast Him

The drama’s production team has since responded.

Actor Heo Jung Min lashed out at the writer of a drama he had auditioned for.

Heo Jung Min |

On May 16, the actor, in a now-deleted Instagram story, reportedly called out a writer on an upcoming drama.

I prepared for two months. But the writer rejected me because they didn’t like Heo Jung Min. I’ve never even seen their face, so why… Is it because I am ugly? Is it because I am rude? Is it because I can’t act? What will happen to the two months that I took to prepare? I am writing that after trying to keep it in. The world has changed. I hope Hyo Shim’s Family Finds Their Way (Translated title from 효심이네 각자도생) succeeds. Don’t tell me to shut up. I’ve lost interest in this industry. Boomers. When you reject someone, you should explain why and apologize. You boomers. You might be shaking right now and want to cancel me from this industry. Then you are proving you are an idiotic boomer. [sic]

— Heo Jung Min

After the actor’s comments went viral, the production team quickly made their response. According to the team, the writer had nothing to do with casting decisions.

It is true that Kim Hyung Il PD met with Heo Jung Min once in March. After deliberations among the team, they felt that the actor and the drama’s character did not match. We revealed this to the actor’s management two weeks later, last month. The writer did not have anything to do with casting for the drama, and we express regret towards the actor’s statement.

— Production team

Hyo Shim’s Family Finds Their Way (Translated title from 효심이네 각자도생) is an upcoming KBS weekend drama that tells the story of Lee Hyo Shim. The drama has been anticipated, in part, because it will mark Uee‘s return to KBS after four years.

Uee | MBN

Heo Jung Min is a well known actor who has appeared in over 30 dramas over his career spanning two decades. The actor last appeared in tvN‘s Mental Coach Jegal last September.

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