Idol Actress “Calls Out” Actor Kim Young Kwang For Shocking Her During An Intimate Bed Scene

“I think oppa was embarrassed too…”

EXID member Hani hilariously exposed actor Kim Young Kwang for doing something that shocked her while filming a bed scene together.

Hani |

Recently, Hani made an appearance on Esquire Korea‘s YouTube channel, where she revealed a funny incident involving rising star Kim Young Kwang. Both Hani and Kim Young Kwang are starring in the K-Drama, Call It Love.

Poster for Call It Love | Disney Plus

The actress starts by stating that in the drama, because she and the actor’s characters were past lovers, they didn’t really talk to each other off-camera and stayed in character for most of the filming, even avoiding each other on set.

In the drama, Kim Young Kwang oppa and I were past lovers, and therefore we didn’t have good emotions toward one another. Oppa would avoid me on set, and I avoided him as well. There weren’t any scenes in which we spoke kindly to one another.

— Hani

Hani then stated that because of the way they had been avoiding each other when they were asked to film a tender bed scene together, both actors were very awkward around one another.

I (my character) was always sad, and oppa always rejected me. We filmed these types of scenes until we had to film a flashback of our past. I was so embarrassed to film a scene in which we were in bed being cute to one another.

— Hani

The idol then revealed that Kim Young Kwang, out of embarrassment, suddenly bit the crown of her head.

I think oppa was embarrassed too, because while filming the bed scene in which we were kissing, he suddenly bit the crown of my head.

— Hani

The actress then revealed that she immediately “Burst out laughing.” Despite getting bit on the head, however, Hani stated that “The scene came out pretty.” But stated that she was really shocked.

Meanwhile, Kim Young Kwang and Hani star in Disney Plus‘s original K-Drama, Call It Love. The drama, which also stars Lee Sung Kyung, tells the story of a woman who seeks to exact revenge but falls in love instead.

Check out Hani’s full interview with Esquire Korea in the link below!


Source: @Esquire Korea/ Youtube