Idol Bodyguard Reveals The Key Difference Between Fandoms Then And Now

Fandoms have changed throughout the years.

K-Pop has changed tremendously since it started gaining popularity in the 1990s. Not only have new and old groups made their mark in the industry, but the very people that supported them have changed as well.

H.O.T’s Kangta

In an episode of “Comment Defenders” from YouTube channel AYO, professional bodyguards Lee Ho Min and Kim Da Ye were invited to reveal more stories about their experiences on the job. As they’ve protected famous groups like BTS and TXT, they were the perfect people to ask questions to.

BTS’s Jungkook

One comment that they reacted to was, “Would there be a fandom that Strong Friends acknowledges for keeping order well?

Kim Da Ye (Left) and Lee Ho Min (Right) | AYO/YouTube
As professional bodyguards, their agency meets thousands of fans through music shows, concerts, fansigns, and more. Though they didn’t name any specific fandom as the most organized, Lee Ho Min brought up the improved behavior of the current generation of fans compared to those of the previous generations.

Unlike before, as the generation changed, I think the atmosphere of fandoms changed a bit as well.

— Lee Ho Min

Fans of the first few generations of K-Pop were known for being intensely passionate—sometimes at the expense of their own safety.

An example of a fan war in the drama Reply 1997 

One main reason current fans are more orderly is because of “fan managers” or people who lead a fansite for a particular group. They are in charge of everything from taking pictures of their idols to organizing events, and they’ve generally been a great help in keeping the peace.

Nowadays, people called fan managers organize the scene. No problems happen, such as taking pictures.

— Lee Ho Min

In their eyes, the few disputes that happen are not enough to cloud the overall prioritization of safety among fanclubs: “In this era, all fandoms keep the order well”.

If you want to see the bodyguards spill more behind-the-scenes stories, check out the full video below.