Idol Bodyguards Reveal If They Can Or Cannot Receive Presents From Celebrities And Fans

They revealed their rules.

No matter how often they’re spotted, the secret world of K-Pop bodyguards will remain elusive even to the most seasoned fans.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and her bodyguard

In AYO’s “Comment Defender” series, professional bodyguards from the agency Secret Friends, Kim Da Ye and Lee Ho Min, were invited to share rare insider stories related to their job.

Kim Da Ye (Left) and Lee Ho Min (Right)
One of the questions fans were most curious about was, “TWICE‘s Jihyo was gonna give a present to a bodyguard and got rejected. Is there a rule that bodyguards can’t receive presents?”

Kim Da Ye took up the helm and answered that it was not against their agency rules: “There’s no rule like that“.

Rather, the problem with accepting drinks from anyone, be it celebrities or fans, is that it might interfere with their job.

Usually, if you get a drink from someone, you’re supposed to drink it. But because of our job, we can’t go to the bathroom anytime we want. As such, we’ll turn down the gift politely.

— Kim Da Ye

Sometimes, however, they do accept presents especially when the occasion calls for it. Kim Da Ye’s personal favorite one was when she received a vitamin drink during a particularly hot day.

I was moving fences with both hands and it was really hot, then somebody came next to me and put a vitamin drink in my pocket. I was so exhausted and I endured the day with that vitamin drink.

— Kim Da Ye

On the other hand, Lee Ho Min’s most memorable gift was given during a cold winter day.

There was a TV show called ‘Guerilla Date’ and it was a very cold day. I was in charge of the downtown area and one fan said, ‘Great work! Thank you for keeping them safe’. She brought a lot of canned coffees and warm stuff. Drinking that, I warmed up my body and my heart.

— Lee Ho Min

If you want to see more tea spilled by the professional bodyguards, check out the full video below!