Idol Couple Announces Wedding To The Surprise Of Fans Everywhere

Congratulations to the new couple!

Former ToppDogg (now Xeno-T) member P-GOON and former RANIA member Yumin are getting married, and the idol couple’s surprise announcement of their August wedding plan surprised fans everywhere!


Press revealed wedding pictures from the invitation to P-GOON and Yumin’s wedding, to be held August 25th, 2018. While both have not been too active in the K-Pop scene since leaving their respective groups, fans are excited to hear of their union.


P-GOON’s agency Hunus Entertainment confirmed the wedding news.

“P-GOON and former RANIA member Yumin are getting married. Please support them in their promise to come together as one.”

— Hunus Entertainment


Yumin also updated her Instagram account with a long explanation for the sudden announcement.

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“Hello, this is Yumin. First, I’d like to apologize for the news of my leaving RANIA getting out before I could release an official statement. I also apologize that the news of my wedding got out before I could tell you first.

I have always been one to surprise those around me. I used to be a part-time worker, when I suddenly declared I want to become a model. I was beloved as a model, then I announced that I’ll become a girl group member. It was all quite an experience. Unfortunately, I felt like I’m not talented enough. I felt like I’ve run into a wall, so I gave up. I should have worked harder, but instead I chose to leave the group.

P-GOON and I have started dating with serious intentions. We’ve been together for four seasons, before deciding it’s time to come together forever to form a family. We’ll be having a wedding in August. I guess I didn’t feel comfortable announcing it as I’m personally not all too confident with the level of success I’ve had.

P-GOON and I will support each other, encourage each other in our future endeavors as partners for life. Thank you for congratulating us on this journey, even though it was an out of the blue announcement.”

— Yumin



Fans sent in their congratulations to the new couple, wishing them to remain forever happy together.

  • “Congratulations to an idol sunbae-hoobae couple!”

  • “P-GOON is still so good-looking. He used to be such a responsible and hard-working idol… Hope you two have a beautiful life together!”

  • “Oh, RANIA’s Yumin is getting married? Congratulations, I wish this couple the best…”

  • “I don’t really know either groups too well, but I really want this couple to be happy.”
Source: OSEN