How Idol Couples Act Behind-The-Scenes After A Break-Up, Reveals Rapper DinDin

Sounds awkward! 😬

While some celebrity couples have a love that seems like it will last forever, not every K-Pop star relationship has a happy ending. But what happens when idols who have broken up which each other have to work together? Rapper DinDin revealed all on a recent episode of KBS‘s Museum of Broken Relationships.

It’s actually quite easy to spot celebrity couples who have broken up with each other,” DinDin explained to the rest of the show’s panel—including OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee, who confessed she’s never been in the awkward position of meeting an ex-boyfriend during a schedule.

OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee | KBS

Seunghee went on to say that if it did happen to her, she’d probably stay in her waiting room until it’s time to shoot and keep her head down while she walks. According to DinDin, that’s not too far off the reality. The rapper divulged, “When you shoot a show with a [broken-up couple], they act really awkward at first.

DinDin | KBS

They won’t even look at each other, you know?

— DinDin

Of course, when the cameras start rolling, that tension won’t fly—and acting cold towards each other could be especially troublesome for idols who never revealed their relationship to the public. As such, it’s not too surprising that DinDin says couples who have broken up have to change their whole attitude once shooting starts.


Once the cameras roll, they’re all, ‘Oh, hi! It’s so nice to see you!’. They suddenly become best friends.

— DinDin

But it’s all for show; once shooting ends, DinDin says the couples go back to being completely awkward with each other. Ever curious, the rapper went on to reveal that she actually turns spotting broken-up K-Pop couples into a game. When he’s shooting with a lot of idols, he looks at their behavior to find “clues” about their past—but breakups are always easy to spot when stars act out of character.


If idols act differently to how they usually would during filming, it’s 100% because their ex is in front of them.

— DinDin

Source: Star Today and SBS News