Former Idol Gives Some Tips On How Idols Can Date Secretly

“If we go on a date to __________, no one pays attention.”

Former RAINBOW member Kim Jae Kyung appeared on a recent episode of Radio Star and shared some tips on how idols can date secretly.


The former idol revealed that she too dated back when she was a member of RAINBOW but simply didn’t get caught.


First of all, she made the hosts burst out in laughter by confessing that even if there dating rumors about her, it wouldn’t have even been a big issue because she was not at that level of popularity to begin with.


So, the first tip: “Never become famous!”


Kim Jae Kyung then explained her love for traditional Korean palaces and as a result of visiting them often, noticed that the visitors there were mainly foreigners and many were wearing hanbok.

“If we go on a date to the palace wearing a hanbok, no one pays attention. Because everyone is all dressed in fancy hanboks and since everyone is a foreigner, no one will know me.” ㅡ Kim Jae Kyung


Hence, the second tip: “Celebrities! Wear hanboks and go to the palace!”


When the hosts asked whether visiting the palace all the time wouldn’t become boring after awhile, Jae Kyung explained that there were many hanbok rental places and a wide variety of costumes too!


In fact, Kim Jae Kyung’s dating tip can apply to not only celebrities but everyone else as well! Why not try going to a traditional Korean palace in a hanbok the next time you’re in Korea? Check out the full video below:


Source: Naver TV