This Idol Was So Determined To Debut, He Slept 1 Hour A Night For 6 Months

“I really wanted to debut so I only slept 1 hour a day.”

Anyone who has seen Produce 101 Season 2 knows the hardship the trainees endured to become a member of Wanna One.


However, the extent of their hardship and training proved to be quite shocking.


Minhyun revealed the difficulties he faced on his journey to become a K-Pop star on the program Hello Counselor.


He explained that it was because of his determination that he was able to challenge himself to apply for the program in the first place.


During the 6 months of shooting the program, he only slept 1 hour a day because of his determination to debut as Wanna One.

“I really wanted to debut so I slept only 1 hour a day. After finishing the program, we would go back to our studio to practice more.”


He concluded that it was because they gave their everything during that 6 months that they were able to become the Wanna One they are today and expressed his gratitude towards their fans.

Source: Dispatch

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