A Famous Idol Was Investigated for Drug Use Following an Arson Attempt

The idol who attempted to set the house on fire accused his fellow member of using drugs.

Seoul Seocho Police Station recently reported that an unidentified idol member attempted to set his house on fire, but in the midst of this investigation, the suspicion of drug use was also raised, calling for an additional investigation.

According to a police informant, the suspicion of idol member, Mr. A‘s drug use was raised in the midst of the arson investigation, which led to a quick test, but the results came out negative.

Ahead of this incident, idol member, Jang got into an argument with two of his fellow members, including Mr. A, which led to an arson attempt that ultimately led to no injuries.

During the police investigation, Jang accused Mr. A of using the drug zolpidem, which is what triggered the secondary investigation.

Regarding this accusation, Mr. A’s agency stated, “Mr. A is taking prescription medication for anxiety. It’s a legally prescribed medication that shouldn’t be problematic whatsoever.


Source: Hankyung