Idol Hair Stylists Explain What Causes The Hilariously Adorable “Dandelion Puff” Hair Phenomenon

It may look a little silly, but it’s undeniably cute too.

Ever seen your favorite idol’s hair puff up like a dandelion on stage? Here’s what causes the funny yet cute phenomenon according to two veteran K-Pop hair stylists.

Over the years, hair stylists Goya and Aeri have worked with numerous K-Pop stars across several popular salons, including Jenny House in Gangnam. Their combined client list includes members of Wanna One, Super Junior, NU’EST, Fiestar, EXID, VIXX, and more. So, with all that experience under their belts, who better to reveal the secrets of idol hair styling—including what causes the “dandelion puff” phenomenon?

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

During the stylists’ new “Comment Defenders” interview with AYO on YouTube, one commenter brought up some photos of idols with hilariously cute hair that appears to be fanned out on edge, just like the puff of a dandelion. “It looks like it can breathe new life into the seed if you blow it,” the fan joked.


But why does this happen? According to Goya and Aeri, it’s all down to idols getting their hair bleached. Aeri explained that after idols bleach their hair, it becomes almost completely devoid of any moisture.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

Since there’s no moisture, as soon as idols get hit by a gust of air or static electricity on stage, the hair puffs out—as seen by many, many K-Pop fans in the past.

EXO’s Baekhyun

Aeri recalled that there’s even an old meme of EXID‘s Junghwa with “dandelion puff” hair. Adding on to her explanation, Goya revealed that all the backlighting on stage makes the static hair stand out even more.

EXID’s Junghwa

Still, while “dandelion puff” hair does occur because of the cuticle damage caused by bleaching, Goya noted that fans still love the look, referring to it as a “cute point.”

Source: AYO 에이요