This Idol Just Uploaded A Selfie Of Himself Getting A Cosmetic Procedure

Not all idols will admit to something like this, but Block B’s Jaehyo took the unconventional route by posting his recent cosmetic procedure. 

Cosmetic procedures may be a norm for most Koreans but not all speak out publicly of receiving it. 

So, it’s quite surprising that Jaehyo recently shared a photo of himself getting a Botox procedure done on his Instagram.

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He was visiting his dermatologist and got treated with Botox and an icepack to relieve the swelling. 

According to the caption on his photo, it seems like the procedure was one of his preparations before Block B’s comeback.

“I got Botox to meet you in a more beautiful way.”

Block B’s Jaehyo 

Jaehyo’s honesty may make him the first ever idol to share such procedure online.

Source: Dispatch