How To Achieve Idol-Like Flawless Skin At Home, As Demonstrated By Professional Waxers

It’s easier than you’d expect!

Ever wanted to have smooth, flawless skin like your favorite idols?

If so, then you’ll be interested in seeing professional estheticians Sukjeong and Jin demonstrate how you can achieve it in the comforts of your own home!

Sukjeong (left) and Jin (right).

Sukjeong volunteered to show viewers how to properly wax at home: “We’ll show you how we do it at the salon. For waxing, you need your hair first.

She then put on a pair of gloves and demonstrated on Jin’s arm.

The first step may be easy to miss, but it is actually extremely important—moisturizing the skin! Forgetting to moisturize your skin may cause it to peel.

First, you have to moisturize. If you don’t moisturize it, skin peeling might occur. Put moisturize on the part you want to wax.

— Sukjeong

Next, remove the oil that was secreted from the moisturizer by patting it with a kitchen towel: “Get rid of oil from the moisturizer using a kitchen towel.

You can now apply the wax. Remember to apply it following the direction of your hair.

Scoop the proper amount of wax. Apply the wax in the direction of your hair.

— Sukjeong

Finally, attach a piece of soft-strip wax on your skin and press it. Once it hardens, you can peel it off.

Attach the strip on the wax and press with your hands. Take it off at once after it hardens.

— Sukjeong

And there you have it—flawless, idol-like skin!

Watch the full video below to learn more insider secrets.


Source: AYO