Here’s What Idol Managers Really Do On The Job, According To Former Managers

Is driving their main responsibility?

Idol managers spend many hours with their respective K-Pop groups, but what exactly does their job entail?

BTS’s manager (left) with Jin (right)

Former managers Baek Kyung Jae and Nam Yoon Jae dished on their duties in a recent video with AYO.

Baek Kyung Jae (Left) and Nam Yoon Jae (Right) | @AYO/YouTube

They discussed their salary and how little they get paid in relation to their list of responsibilities. Considering what they do on the job, they claimed that they deserve to earn more than $4,000 USD.

To better explain a manager’s role, they they listed down the various tasks that a manager really does. Although many people mistakenly think managers only drive the group around, they actually do much more than that.

Managers don’t do a road manager’s job. We take care of artists, and driving is just part of the manager’s job.

— Nam Yoon Jae

They are responsible for ensuring that the idols are always in good condition. They also manage the group’s overall schedule.

An idol manager’s job includes checking the artist’s condition. We manage all schedules of idols like broadcasting, events, and concerts.

— Baek Kyung Jae

At the end of the day, their goal is to make the idols look good in front of fans.

Idol managers know the strength of their artists and take care of their job overall so that they can look pretty and cool to fans.

— Baek Kyung Jae

If you want to learn more about their job, check out the video below!

Source: AYO