Lee Joon Got Stuck In Mexico After Experiencing A Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake

Lee Joon recently took to Instagram to communicate with fans after being stuck in Mexico following a devastating earthquake.

Lee Joon was in Mexico when a powerful 8.0 magnitude earthquake shook the country, and many fans were concerned for his safety afterward.

Thankfully, he was able to post on Instagram later on to let everyone know he was okay.

“In Mexico. A lot people were worried so I am leaving this comment. The staff and I felt the earthquake but we all evacuated and are all currently in a safe area. The magnitude 8.0 earthquake is scary but the hotel staff took good care of us. We are okay now! Please pray for the safety of everyone in Mexico.”

—Lee Joon

Not wanting to take the attention away from this horrific event, Lee Joon not only told fans that he was safe but also encouraged everyone to pray for everyone else in Mexico affected by the quake.