Idol Pilates Instructors Reveal What Sets MONSTA X’s I.M Apart From Other Male Idols

“I was a bit surprised…”

Between them, Pilates instructors Park Eun Seon and Shasha Jeong have worked with some of the biggest names in K-Pop—including Red Velvet, LOONA, and even male idol groups like MONSTA X. So, it’s no surprise that they know the stars better than anyone—including what sets MONSTA X’s I.M apart from the rest.

In a new “Comment Defenders” video on AYO‘s YouTube channel, the two idol Pilates instructors faced a query from a curious boy group fan who wanted to know the different between male Pilates and female Pilates.

| AYO/YouTube

While you may think different genders face different exercise programs, Shasha Jeong says female Pilates and male Pilates are pretty much exactly the same. Instead of basing the regime on gender, Jeong says a good Pilates instructor adjusts the movements based on the individual.

“Women = Men” | AYO/YouTube

But where does I.M come into this? Jeong went on to note that there is a key difference between the male and female bodies when it comes to Pilates: flexibility. According to the 10-year trainer, range of motion (the degree to which a joint or limb can move) is often higher in women than it is in men.

Red Velvet’s Yeri | @yerimiese/Instagram

However, Park Eun Seon says there’s one exception: MONSTA X’s I.M! The instructor revealed that since she’s been training I.M, she’s noticed that he’s “actually more flexible than women“.

In fact, his Pilates movements are so good, she was surprised to see them. Park explained that other male idols often have a hard time with Pilates because they have a limited range of motion—which may explain why the exercise is more popular for female idols.

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I.M, however, doesn’t have that problem. Considering he’s not part of the group’s official dance line, some may be surprised to hear that the maknae is so good at moving his body.

That said, he did once reveal that he can touch his elbow and his nose with his tongue, so perhaps it’s no so shocking to hear that he’s the most flexible male idol in the Pilates studio!


Source: AYO (YouTube)