This Idol Succeeded In Buying A Ticket To His Own Fan Meeting

He showed fans that it was possible.

An idol surprised his fans by participating in the competition to buy a ticket to his group’s fan meeting and actually succeeding in securing one!

This idol is SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups.


On January 30, S.Coups shared a post that read, “Shall we try getting tickets together..?”


He then uploaded a picture of his computer screen with three different windows, all ready to begin clicking once the countdown was over.

“Preparations complete”


Finally, he showed a screenshot of the ticket he secured and wrote on the post “proof”.

And since S.Coups didn’t need a ticket to attend, he gave his ticket to a lucky fan through an event.


While it’s easy for fans to assume that it’s impossible to get a ticket to a fan meeting, S.Coups definitely proved them wrong!

Source: Dispatch


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