(★BREAKING) Idol Trainee Tries To Drown Himself, Rescued By Police

He had lost hope after failing his dreams and watching someone he knew take his own life.

A 25 year old trainee from a famous entertainment company attempted to kill himself last night on April 6th 8:27 PM KST, but was rescued by the police.

The police were dispatched to a beach in Gwangalli on the night of April 6th after receiving a phone call.

“Someone went into the sea at Gwangalli, He’s neckdeep in the water now.”


When the police arrived at the scene, the unit jumped into the sea to rescue the trainee and after making sure that he was unharmed, sent him back home to his parents.


Investigation into the matter revealed that the man had trained for 3 years under a famous entertainment agency but failed to debut, after which he came to Busan to work small jobs for a year.

He began agonizing over his failure and when he heard news that an idol who was under the same agency had killed himself, he made the decision to end his own life as well.


“We told him to not lose hope in his dreams and carry on. We plan to help him get professional help that he can talk to as well.”

– Anonymous police personnel.

Source: Dispatch