Idol turned actress falls victim to phone scam losing 50 million

On March 21st, Lee Hae In, actress and former member of Gangkiz reported being scammed for approximately 50 million won through voice phishing. Lee Hae In told the police that she received a phone call that told her she needed to strengthen her bank security system and protect her personal information. The phone call told her to visit a website to fix these issues.

The caller prompted Lee Hae In to enter her bank information at the website, which was identical to that of a regular bank website. The actress proceeded to do so and saw 25 million, 15 million, and 10 million dollars being withdrawn from her account while she was still on the phone.

When she questioned the withdrawals, Lee Hae In was reassured by the caller that they were just a result of an error in the system and that her money would be returned in 10 minutes. However, when she could not get in touch with the caller after that, the actress panicked because she needed the money for the deposit on her new home she will be moving into.

Police investigations are currently underway as they try to find the caller and return the money to Lee Hae In.

Source: Osen