Idols who are the absolute worst at lip syncing

While lip syncing is a practice that is frowned upon by many it is at times necessary when your choreography is very difficult. However, some idol groups who are experts at live performances have demonstrated that lip syncing may actually be more difficult to pull off than most people believe.

On a popular Korean online community, fans claimed VIXX and BEAST who are well known for their talent in live performance do terrible when they are forced to resort to lip syncing on stage. The two following clips were shows as examples of how bad they are at lip syncing.


In this clip, the original poster described the members as “students during music class who would lip sync because they don’t want to sing but get caught during the first verse” they also noted that at the 2:55 mark of the video member Leo‘s over-enthusiastic facial expression makes this video all the more amusing.


BEAST is no doubt one of the best and most experienced stage performers out there and they have proved time and time again how amazing their live skills are. They even made it on to the list of groups whose lives are perfect. However, during this performance the members – Doojun in particular – don’t even look like they’re trying to mask the fact that they’re lip-syncing and seem to be just messing around not even trying to mouth the words properly.

Kim Hyun Joong (Bonus)


Source: Instiz