Here’s Why K-Pop Artists Sometimes Prefer To Date Non-Idols, According To A Former K-Pop Idol

There are always advantages and disadvantages.

There are many expectations and pressures to be perfect for fans when it comes to being a K-Pop idol. With a specific image to portray, it can make doing normal things a lot harder, and one of those is dating.

Former Blady member Tina (now more commonly known as Soobin or Christine Park) took to the DKDKTV YouTube channel to discuss some of the most important questions fans have about K-Pop.

Former Blady member Tina | @soobeanie_/ Instagram

In particular, as expected, several questions were addressed on the topic of dating. Although how idols date in secret is much more known, Tina spoke about why artists chose to date non-idols and how this was possible.

For Tina, it was a much more common thing than most people might expect. With many of these cases, she explained that it was normally because the pair had known each other before the idol became famous.

Yet, Tina also added that, after dating idols, it becomes apparent that many of them are full of themselves. It is this reason that sometimes leads artists to date non-idols to avoid this kind of relationship.

Their job is to get attention from people. So, a lot of male idols, they’re not the best boyfriends. The reason that a lot of idols date non-idols is because they want nothing to do with that.

— Tina

She added that dating non-idols normally happens through different settings, and they definitely have advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re a non-Kpop, then they don’t really know about your life, and it’s just like a normal relationship.

— Tina

She added that this lack of awareness from non-idols could sometimes become a disadvantage and cause problems within a relationship. Yet, sometimes these factors can also be an issue, which seems to make dating, in general, more difficult.

If you start dating an idol, it is convenient because you understand the struggles each other is going through. At the same time, they’re really busy too and there are more factors that can break the relationship of dating a K-Pop idol than a non-idol.

— Tina

It seems to be more common for idols to date those who aren’t famous, and the separation might lead them to this as well! With other idols, there is pressure from both sides and fans’ reaction, which is a huge issue, and dating someone unknown is sometimes a benefit.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: DKDKTV