Here’s How Idols Date In Waxing Salons, According To Professionals

They also shared a story about an idol couple who visited their store!

Most idols who are in a relationship date in secret, and some even have dates in waxing salons!

House Waxing in Gangnam, South Korea. | Tripadvisor

In a recently released “Comment Defenders” video from AYO, professional estheticians Sukjeong and Jin from House Waxing dished on everything you could possibly want to know about idols and waxing.

Sukjeong (left) and Jin (right).

A netizen asked the two about a rumor she had heard regarding idols having dates in waxing salons.

There’s couple waxing? I heard a rumor that idol couples date at waxing salons.

— Netizen question, “AYO”

They wondered how the commenter knew that, jokingly saying it was supposed to be a secret, “Where did they hear that? It’s a secret!”

Jin explained that idols secretly make reservations at different times, have a private date, and leave separately.

They’d make a reservation at different times, enjoy a secretive date, then leave at different times again.

— Jin

Once, two idols made a reservation and got waxed in separate rooms. Several days later, however, rumors spread about them!

We didn’t even know that two people made a reservation, and they got waxed in separate rooms like normal friends. A few days later, there was a romance rumor.

— Jin

Hear more stories about the waxing secrets of idols in the full video below.

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