The most spectacular idol magic trick fails on stage

Idols have begun to incorporate magic tricks into their stage, adding another level of difficulty to their performances.

A magic act can certainly enhance a stage, but the execution can occasionally be questionable.

9MUSES‘s Minha literally brings the fire to their performance, shooting it out of her finger and then producing a rose from behind her back.

Even the best plans fail; upon noticing the crumpled rose, Minha offered a kiss to salvage the moment.

Idols continue to be fascinated with fire. JYJ‘s Junsu does not seem confident in executing his magic show as he made a face of hesitation. His magician skills need further honing as he blatantly whipped out a rose from his sleeve.

VIXX is known for their dark and eerie concepts, making it natural for them to tackle magic too. Against expectations, they took the comical route instead. Hyuk is the perfect assistant, setting up Ken for his time to shine; to the audience’s amusement, he flailed around a fake dove.

He is rather fond of the “trick” as he repeats it again, hilariously producing a single feather while looking crestfallen afterwards.

Fellow VIXX member Ravi joins in on the fun too. When tapped by a makeshift wand, he unleashes a white blob, presumably a dove. Hyuk is unable to contain his laughter, walking around from the scene.

While it is admirable to see idols accepting more challenges, perhaps they should stick to the tried-and-true singing and dancing.

Source: Daum