“Do You Think 40+ Year-Old Idols Promoting Are Eyesores?” Fans Clap Back Against Ageist Opinions

If someone has the talent and passion for performing, then who has the right to tell them not to?

In a world as fast-paced and competitive as the K-Pop industry, it sometimes feels like idols are given an expiration date when they’re supposed to stop promoting. There’s a reason that the “seven-year curse” exists, after all, and why so many idol groups disband or at least lose members after the seven or so years of their contracts are up.

SISTAR, who disbanded after their seven-year contract ended | Starship Entertainment

It doesn’t help that many K-Pop fans seem to be somewhat ageist, and after an idol (especially female idols) reaches a certain age — around, say, 30 — it’s almost expected for them to sort of retire and stop promoting as a performer.

Leeteuk (Super Junior) | SBS

There are exceptions, of course. Super Junior and Brown Eyed Girls are two of the oldest groups still actively promoting in the K-Pop industry, and they both have members that are 40+ years old.

Brown Eyed Girls | APOP

Sandara Park recently had a solo comeback and has been very active in promoting it at 38 years old.

Sandara Park | @krungy21/Twitter

And then there are groups like ShinhwaSechskies, and g.o.d who disband only to later regroup and release new music as adults well into their 40s.


Recently, though, the topic of whether or not idols in their 40s should continue to promote became a subject of conversation on an online forum, where a post was made titled, “Do you think 40+ year-old idols promoting are eyesores?”.

Sechskies | YG Entertainment

Thankfully, the majority of the comments, especially from international fans, expressed distaste towards the opinion that K-Pop idols can become too old to perform.

At the end of the day, age is really just a number, isn’t it? If someone has the talent and passion for performing, then who has the right to tell them not to?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa