These idols show off that they definitely know how to party

While many Korean celebrities have proven that they would make great friends, some have stood out for being ideal drinking buddies. A recent post on Instiz has compiled several instances of idols showing off their skill when it comes to pouring and mixing drinks, traits that are quite fun when going out for a night at the bar.

MBLAQ‘s Seungho

During a fan signing event, a fan presented Seungho with a bottle of soju. After initially looking at the bottle, Seungho performed a quick trick by flicking his wrist, creating a small tornado in the bottle.


During a broadcast, N showed off his experience with pouring drinks by expertly opening and pouring a small amount of soju into five different cups without ever stopping. With his efficiency and skill in pouring, friends can rest assured and focus on cooking and eating the delicious meat!

After School‘s Lizzy

Lizzy proved that she was quite skilled at bar tricks by making her drink explode with fizz by using only a pair of chopsticks. Watch it explode!

Source: Instiz