Idols Are Obsessed Over This Sandwich Sold Only At SBS Inkigayo

From BTS to TWICE, G-Dragon and many more, idols are completely obsessed with this sandwich!

If your favorite K-Pop idol has already debuted, it is highly probable that they’ve already tried and maybe even loved this food!


The sandwich sold at the SBS Inkigayo snack bar, a.k.a the “Inkigayo sandwich”, has been frequently mentioned by many idols as one of their go-to snacks or meals.


The sandwich gained the attention of netizens and fans as idols were seen eating or talking about them. The SEVENTEEN members recently posted some photos of these Inkigayo sandwiches.


They had apparently passed them around to their fans who came to Inkigayo to support them.


The MONSTA X members also seemed to enjoy this snack. Wonho even revealed that the sandwich is a favorite of G-Dragon’s.


The sandwich is also enjoyed by BTS…




And numerous other idols who have appeared on SBS Inkigayo!


This sandwich is apparently highly sought-after by not only idols but even by the staff members of idols who are able to visit the SBS Inkigayo snack bar.

“I also eat it every week when we go to Inkigayo. Usually, all the guests name the singer and the agency and pay for it at once later. So I didn’t know the exact price but I found out that the sandwich costs 3,500 KRW.” ㅡ Entertainment Agency Affiliate

“It’s really good so our singers and even staff often eat it. It was famous before too but has become mor popular these days. It’s an Inkigayo must-item.” ㅡ Girl Group Manager


So what makes this sandwich so special? The former MADTOWN member H.O, who claims to have eaten around 100 of these sandwiches during his promotions with the idol group, has kindly shared the recipe with those who are curious about the taste.


The first ingredient is chopped cabbage mixed with ketchup, mayonnaise and sugar.


Next is mashed boiled egg and boiled potato with mayonnaise and sugar.


And the last ingredient is strawberry jam. Stack them all together with loaves a bread and there you have it – the Inkigayo sandwich!


According to H.O, this recipe produces a very similar sandwich to the one sold at Inkigayo but nothing can beat the original. Nonetheless, it’s still worth giving it a chance! Watch the full video below:

Source: 1boon and Dispatch