Idols Post Videos To Cheer On Students Taking The College Entrance Exams

Good luck to all the students taking the exam!

With just one day left before the college entrance exams taking place on November 14, idol groups and artists have shared videos online to support students who have worked so hard for this important day.

Here are some of the videos posted to support the students!



The members cheer students on and reminisce the time they took the test last year.




Jeong Sewoon

He cheers on students and hopes that they get the results that they hope for.





Kang Daniel

He tells students to bundle up and eat well so that they can be in a good condition to take the test.





The group supports students and MONBEBEs and reminds them to bring their ID and test ticket!





They hope that students will get the result that they hoped for!





They hope that students will take good care of themselves in preparation for the exam.





Chung Ha will pray and support students taking the exam.




Cosmic Girls

They hope that students will not catch a cold so that they can take the test in their best condition.




Ha Sung Woon

He tells students that if they get tired while taking the test, they should remember that he is supporting them!





They tell students to do well and joke that if they don’t know the answer to just choose one well!





He hopes that everyone will do well on the exams!



Good luck to all the students!