You’ll Never Believe How Idols’ Photocard Photos Are Actually Taken

It’s not what you’d expect…

An ARMY just realized that idols’ selfie photocards might not actually be taken on their phones, and we’re all shook.

Jungkook | Nuna Kookie/Blogger

The surprising aspect of it was not that they were taking their photocard photos, of course, but that they were having help taking the photos from professional photographers and top-tier cameras. They were still posing as one would when taking a selfie but instead were holding the end of the camera’s lens rather than their phone.

| Jeonxm/YouTube

With the posing and angles of the average photocard photo, most K-Pop stans assume that the photos are selfies taken on the idol’s phone. While mobile phones’ qualities are a lot better than they used to be, it seems as though companies still want to ensure the best quality.


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There are still some exceptions to the rule when some companies allow personal photos from the idol to be used. At least, we can’t imagine a professional photographer would have taken the iconic forehead shot from EXO‘s D.O.


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Wonder how photocards are made once the photos are taken? Check out the article below:

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