Idols Will Become Teachers To Regular Students In Mnet’s New Show “Visiting Teacher”

An idol for a teacher? Umm…yes, please!

Would you study harder if your idol was teaching you? Well, that’s what Mnet is hoping to find out with their brand new show, Visiting Teacher.


In recent years, people have begun to notice that idols have become a great motivator for students. Just last year, a student gave credit to being a fan of Jeon Somi for his perfect CSAT score.

Lee Young Rae shared his story of getting a high score on the CSAT on an episode of Problematic Men.


Another student kept her promise to WINNER when she got into Seoul National University.


Since idols have already been helping students indirectly, why not have them do so directly instead! Visiting Teacher will introduce a star teacher who will go on to help an ordinary student become successful.

The mentors will have to create lesson plans and try everything they can to make the students’ grades improve. If they fail or if the students’ parents disapprove, then the star will get “fired.”


Since Mnet first teased the new show, netizens have been trying to guess who will be mentoring on the show. Popular choices for English tutoring are Red Velvet‘s Wendy and 2PM‘s Nichkhun.


IN2IT‘s Hyunwook is a very popular contender to help students tackle math.


Netizens also think that Block B‘s Park Kyung should make an appearance thanks to his impressive IQ.


And fans are hoping that GOT7‘s Jinyoung can make an appearance on the show since he wanted to be a kindergarten teacher if he didn’t become an idol.


Besides the popular choices, netizens have also guessed that PENTAGON‘s Hongseok will definitely be making an appearance on the show since fans have identified his voice in one of Mnet’s teasers.


The show is slated to start in August and now the only question left is, how can we be mentored by an idol?

Source: Osen