Some iKON Members Have Ridiculously High Alcohol Tolerances

The reporter was shocked.

The iKON members recently participated in a “drinking interview” and revealed their alcohol tolerance levels.


During the interview, the members enjoyed a delicious meal with some alcohol while answering some questions. And as expected of a “drinking interview”, the first question was about each member’s alcohol tolerance levels.

B.I‘s tolerance is one can of fruit alcohol, which generally has an ABV of 3%, and he said he may vomit if he drinks even a little more than that so it’s safe to say that he is not much of a drinker at all!

One can of Isultoktok (fruit alcohol). If I drink more, I’ll vomit. If I take a break before drinking, I can take about two glasses.

ㅡ B.I


Yunhyeong‘s tolerance was about 1 and a half bottles of soju, which generally has an alcohol percentage of around 17% to 20%.

If I can remember everything and drink until I’m pleasantly buzzed, it’s about 1 bottle and a half.

ㅡ Yunhyeong


Bobby is a beer lover and he apparently loves to drink this before he goes to bed.

Three cans of large beer. If I drink beer before going to bed, I fall asleep well. I love beer so it doesn’t make me full.

ㅡ Bobby


Chanwoo indicated that while he’s not a big drinker, he can drink about 1 bottle of soju.

I don’t really enjoy (drinking) but I can drink about 1 bottle of soju.

ㅡ Chanwoo


Junhoe, on the other hand, seemed to love alcohol and in particular, whiskey. He stated that his alcohol tolerance was 1 bottle of whiskey and together with Jinhwan, they drank 2 bottles. Even the reporter asking the question was shocked.

One bottle of whiskey. I love whiskey so much that I just couldn’t give it up even when I was on a diet. I lost 6kg while drinking whiskey. When I drink with Jinhwan hyung, we drink about 2 bottles.

ㅡ Junhoe


Considering the fact that Junhoe could drink up to 2 bottles of whiskey when drinking with Jinhwan, it wasn’t a surprise that Jinhwan’s tolerance was 3 bottles of soju.

I can drink about 3 bottles of soju.

ㅡ Jinhwan


And finally, Donghyuk stated that he was not able to drink much in the past, but his tolerance went up while drinking with the other members.

I can’t drink very well but my alcohol tolerance went up while drinking with my members. I can’t drink hard liquor very well so I enjoy drinking fruit alcohol. I’ll be drunk with 3 bottles of wine and buzzed with 1 and a half bottles.

ㅡ Donghyuk


Watch the interview below!

Source: Ilgan Sports