iKON announces change in music release schedule for November and December

A change in iKON‘s future promotional plans and album release has been made with an announcement posted via YG-Life.

On October 28th, YG Entertainment published a new poster regarding iKON’s season schedule, revealing that instead of the group’s second half of the album Welcome Back getting released in November as scheduled, two digital singles would be published.

Originally, iKON was scheduled to release their first half of their album (6 tracks) on October 1st – which was followed without change. However, the second half, or the full album of 12 tracks, was to be released on November 2nd.

This has now been changed with iKON scheduled to be releasing two digital singles accompanied by their respective music videos on November 16th. Additionally, an album release is scheduled for December 14th with new music videos accompanying those title track(s) as well.

iKON finally made their debut this fall by releasing the warm-up single “My Type” followed by short promotions for their title tracks “Airplane” and “Rhythm Ta” from their Welcome Back debut album.

Source: YG-Life