Here’s How Much iKON’s B.I Makes In Royalties For His Songs

“It’s not that much… Maybe around…”

As the leader of iKON, B.I not only leads his group with extraordinary leadership, but he also produces and writes most of their songs as well!


B.I appeared on an episode of Problematic Men and revealed just how much he makes in royalties from all of the songs he’s written.


The idol revealed that he currently has a total of 39 songs he has written has been registered under copyright.

B.I not only wrote songs for iKON, but is also credited for the production and songwriting for fellow YG artists such as WINNER, EPIK HIGH, BLACKPINK and PSY.


He began composing songs at the young age of 16 and composed WINNER’s “Empty” when he was only 18 years old.


When the hosts mentioned that B.I’s earnings in royalties must be impressive, Donghyuk chimed in explaining that whenever B.I receives a monthly text message confirming his payment, he can’t stop himself from smiling from ear to ear.

“When he gets a text message about his payment, he has a smile on his face from ear to ear.” ㅡ Donghyuk


So, how much does he really make? In fact, B.I confirmed that the payment adds up to about two imported cars on a monthly basis!

“It’s not that much…Maybe around [the price of] two imported cars.” ㅡ B.I


He added that the payments do fluctuate each month, with some months having greater earnings than others.

“It depends on each month. I receive monthly payments but sometimes it’s around [the price of] small cars, sometimes sedans, sometimes bicycles…” ㅡ B.I


Nonetheless, B.I’s earnings are undeniably impressive as imported cars in Korea can easily run up to the 6-digit figures!


Watch the full clip below:


Source: Naver TV