Former iKON’s B.I Blurred Out Of Kingdom — Fans Outraged, Mnet Responds

Fans claim it was disrespectful.

As Mnet recently aired the first episode of Kingdom, eagle-eyed fans realized that iKON‘s former member, B.I, had been blurred out of the episode. Although B.I did not directly participate in the show, the show featured some older clips of the participating groups. In one of these clips, B.I was blurred out.

Fans were outraged as being blurred or edited out of a show indicates wrongdoing on the part of the idol, and can create a stigma around them. It is also disrespectful to the artist and fans. According to fans, the blurring out caused antis to create negative buzz around the singer again, despite his exemplary behavior and kind deeds throughout the past years.

Fans contacted the program, expressing their outrage.

| @DC_BI_Gallery/Twitter

Thankfully, Mnet responded that they would take fans’ opinions into consideration as much as they can, and reflect it through the upcoming episodes. However, they are unable to review and re-release the already aired episode.

While the response satisfied fans, for the time being, it is certain that fans will be monitoring the upcoming episodes to check up on the matter.