iKON’s B.I Responds To Comments Claiming He Lied About Never Dating Before

They doubt B.I’s claims that he’s never dated before in his life.

iKON made a guest appearance on a radio show where an audience member questioned if B.I has truly never dated before in his life.


The audience member claimed it was impossible for B.I to never had experience with love because B.I creates the best love songs!

“I don’t think B.I has been single all of his life. How can you make such a great song without having experienced a breakup?”

— Audience Member


When the radio host asked him to clarify his dating life, B.I shyly confirmed that he’s really been single all his life! He doesn’t believe that first hand experience is mandatory to write good music.

“You’re killing me twice…

You can write well [without first-hand experience]. Sometimes the power of imagination can be stronger.”

— B.I


B.I gets inspiration for his songs from a variety of ways. Sometimes he’ll just witness something fun and be inspired to tell a story through music!

“I get a lot of ideas when I’m inspired by something or if I see or experience something really fun.”

— B.I


But it seems he’s hit a bit of a road-block for now as he’s confessed that he hasn’t been inspired with an idea for nearly 2 months!

“I think it comes to me unexpectedly. I haven’t had any [burst of ideas] for the past 2 months.

There are times when I’m overflowing with inspirations and there are times when I don’t have any.”

— B.I


If B.I can already write the best love songs without any experience, just imagine the monster he’d create after his first date!

Source: Newsen