iKON’s B.I Reveals The True (And Hilarious) Inspiration Behind “Airplane”

iKON’s B.I revealed that he creates lyrics from some of the most random inspirations ever.

Ever wonder where songwriters get their inspiration for writing all of their lyrics?

Source: The Musical


iKON’s B.I shows that this inspiration can literally come from anywhere!


B.I revealed how he came to start writing the lyrics for iKON’s hit song “Airplane” in an interview for BAZAAR magazine.


Unsurprisingly, he wrote it on while he was on an airplane but why he began writing was even more hilarious.

“One day while I was riding the plane, the seats were so uncomfortable so I started to write a song themed around airplanes.” ㅡ B.I


He added that he imagined people leaving on an airplane while writing the song.

“Because I don’t have that much experience yet, I write songs while imagining something. I imagined people leaving while sitting in my airplane seat when I wrote the song.” ㅡ B.I


Here’s a glimpse of “Airplane” lyrics that were inspired by B.I’s uncomfortable airplane seat:

“Stop for a moment if you go like this
we won’t see each other again when the airplane leaves
If I said I’ll be fine and you be fine too
Would you be okay?
Don’t act like your okay you have tears in your eyes
I saw sadness like you’ve lost the whole world
Stay just one more day unpack your things
Let’s go see a movie later I’m crying please”


The next time you listen to iKON’s “Airplane”, try imagining people leaving on the airplane like B.I when he was writing the lyrics!

Source: Pann Nate and Instiz