iKON Reveals They Aren’t That Close With BLACKPINK

iKON participated in an interview for their upcoming album and mentioned their relationship with BLACKPINK.

On August 2nd, iKON participated in an interview in commemoration of their new mini album “New Kids: Continue” at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul.


During the interview, iKON briefly spoke about BLACKPINK, who are their juniors from the same agency, YG Entertainment. The iKON members complimented BLACKPINK on their success.

“The BLACKPINK members’ success is incredible.” ㅡ iKON


They also praised BLACKPINK for their beauty and added that they are not very close with them so they did not have much to say about them.

“We aren’t very close with them but they are admirable, cool and beautiful. We don’t have that much to say as we’re not very close.” ㅡ iKON


iKON also mentioned a senior idol group from their agency, BIGBANG, stating that they are doing their best so that they don’t ruin the path BIGBANG created.

“Rather than feeling a sense of pressure to fill BIGBANG’s shoes, we think we should  do our best so that we don’t ruin the path that they’ve created. We are trying our best to be the greatest that we can.” ㅡ iKON


Meanwhile, iKON’s new album “New Kids: Continue” will be released at 6 pm today. The album will include a total of five tracks including the title song “Killing Me”, sub-title song “Freedom”, “Only You”, “Cocktail” and “Just for You”, all of which were composed and written by iKON member B.I.

Source: My Daily and SE Daily