IKON’s Bobby Confesses That He Expected Filipino Fans To Forget About Them—But He Had Nothing To Worry About

Pinoy iKONICs reacted in the best way.

Pinoy K-Pop fans were in for a treat on September 23 when ATEEZ, GOT7‘s Youngjae, and iKON performed at K-Pop Masterz 2 in Manila, Philippines.

It was the latter who closed the night with a setlist consisting of “Sinosijak,” “BLING BLING,” “Rhythm Ta,” “Love Scenario,” “Freedom,” and “But You.”

Prior to lighting up the stage with “Freedom,” the members lined up before the concert-goers while Bobby gave a short speech. He confessed that he thought the group’s popularity had waned in the Philippines and few fans would come to see them.

Before we move on to the next song, actually, we were worried that maybe…what if…what if, maybe, you guys might have forgotten us?

— Bobby

It wasn’t just him but also the rest of the group who felt that they were less well known: “We were worried, what if you guys don’t come tonight?”

These thoughts plagued Bobby from the time he was in Korea until the moment his plane landed in Manila. Fortunately, he soon realized that it was an unfounded worry when he saw iKONICs greet him and his members at the airport.

But as soon as we jumped off the plane when we arrived at the airport, we could feel this warm air welcoming us in Manila.

— Bobby

Bobby and the rest of the group confirmed that they “worried for nothing.” The former expressed his gratitude at having been showered with love the entire trip.

I was worried about nothing! Because of you guys we felt so many blessings. Thank you so much for coming out tonight. Last but not least, we missed you so much.

— Bobby

On their part, Pinoy iKONICs immediately shouted, “No!” once they heard Bobby talk about being forgotten.

They trended the words “Siraulo ka ba” or “Are you out of your mind?” to express their feelings about Bobby’s words.

It came from a viral video of a fan who negated the rapper’s words with a heartfelt and relatable reaction.

Are you out of your mind? I could never forget you.

— Filipino iKONIC

They proved their words by covering Araneta Coliseum with a red ocean, iKON’s official color.

They also made sure to scream loudly for several long seconds when the concert’s MC asked them to show their love for iKON. As evidenced by the expressions and gasps of the members, they were amazed by the warm welcome they received.

They made their voices hoarse by shouting during each song as well.

The YG Entertainment boy group reciprocated the love of their fans in many ways that night. They did not skimp at all when it came to fanservice, stepping down from the stage to greet them up close and ending with an encore despite the first K-Pop Masterz concert not doing so.

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