iKON’s Bobby Reveals What He Missed The Most About The Group During Their Year Hiatus

It’s been a year since they made a comeback.

iKON recently appeared as guest on a radio show where they opened up about their first comeback in a year. During their talks, the members opened up about what it felt like to finally promote once again with a brand new album.

Chanwoo began by expressing how nervous yet excited it is to drop new music for their fans.

Since it’s our first comeback in a while, we were nervous. It’s also very exciting to be working hard in our schedules after a year.

— Chanwoo

Bobby confessed that the best part about their comeback is that the members were finally gathered together in one place. He explained that he missed having his brothers with him at all times.

Above all else, I was happy to see all of our members faces again while preparing for our comeback.

Truthfully, before our comeback, there weren’t a lot of times where all six of us gathered together in one place.

I’m happy we’re all riding the same car and eating food together.

— Bobby

But at the same time, realized that he forgot how loud they can get!

But these days, we’re so loud.

There are times when I want to sit and relax but it’s hard [because we’re always fooling around].

— Bobby

Bobby concluded that although it’s great to see his members again, he wanted to leave a special shoutout to the iKONICs for their love and support during the past year.

Thank you so much for your unchanging love. We can also feel it too. We want to say thank you and hope that you’ll all be health.

We love you.

— Bobby

iKON dropped their album “i DECIDE” and their title track “Dive” just a couple of days ago. Check out their music video below!

Source: Osen