IKON’s Bobby Reveals How He Really Felt About Survival Program “MIX & MATCH”

iKON was officially formed in “MIX & MATCH.”

Bobby ,from top boy group iKON, has finally made his solo comeback after over three years! He returned with the powerful and addictive track “U MAD”.

To celebrate his return, he featured on a 1theK Originals YouTube video where he read and reacted to comments about himself. One such comment touched on his MIX & MATCH days.

MIX & MATCH is a survival program that gave shock, horror, and rage to fans who supported him from Who Is Next.

— Netizen comment

MIX & MATCH was a survival program created by YG Entertainment to determine the next debuting boy group of the company after WINNER. Although Bobby was already a fixed member of the group alongside B.I and Jinhwan, the rest had to fight for their spot.

Bobby understood the feeling of fans who reacted negatively to the show. He agreed that Team B from the original survival program WIN: Who Is Next was already a “well-arranged” team.

The team was well-arranged, but they asked us to do a survival program again. So I guess the fans were so upset.

— Bobby

In spite of having to undergo the stress and hardships of another reality show, he looked back on it as an enjoyable experience: “It was fun for me, though“.

One of the most memorable parts of the show was the praise he was given by JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Young.

PD Park Jin Young said ‘Bobby is cool, just like you said‘.

— Bobby

He was also touched by the words of another judge, Lee Hyun Do.

Lee Hyun Do said ‘He’ll become so popular if he shows up in Show Me The Money‘. Ah there was that crisis as well”.

— Bobby

That reminded him of his entire Show Me The Money 3 experience, which he discussed after. Get to know more about Bobby in the full video below.

Source: 1theK Originals