iKON Speaks Up About Making Comebacks As A YG Artist

“It’s not easy to make two comebacks in a year at YG.”

iKON spoke up about making a comeback as a YG artist at an interview held at the Conrad Hotel Seoul for their upcoming mini album.


Their latest album “Return” was released on January 25, 2018 while iKON’s new mini album “New Kids: Continue” has been scheduled to be released at 6 pm, August 2nd. This would mean that iKON will be making a comeback within just 7 months.


iKON explained that it was not easy to make two comebacks in one year at YG Entertainment.

“It’s not easy to make two comebacks in a year at YG. Our members, many staff members and our president all spent days and nights working very hard.” ㅡ iKON


Moreover, they stated that it is difficult to make a comeback at their agency because Yang Hyun Suk does not accept anything but the very best songs.

“If the quality of the song is not good, it usually isn’t released. Our president only accepts good songs and makes us albums with those songs.” ㅡ iKON


Their explanation as to why YG artists have difficulty making a comeback was in sync with what Seungri had previously stated.

Seungri Explains Why YG Artists Cannot Make Comebacks


Meanwhile, the members also revealed that Yang Hyun Suk was very supportive of their new album.

“(Yang Hyun Suk) was very supportive of us. He encouraged us very much. He was very warm and told us that no matter what the results are, that it isn’t our fault.” ㅡ iKON


And with the success of their song “Love Scenario”, it seems like they have gotten one step closer to Yang Hyun Suk. They apparently had their first meal together and even created a group chat with him.

“(Yang Hyun Suk) bought us a delicious meal for the first time. It was our first time having a meal together. We also have a group chat with him now. Before, he had an intimidating and stern image but now he makes a lot of jokes with us too. We’re thankful that he is trying to make us feel more comfortable.” ㅡ iKON


Source: My Daily