iKON Gives A Special Thanks To Someone Who Blew Them Away With Her Affection While Preparing For Their Album “TAKE OFF”

She was so affectionate that it surprised them!

iKON recently released their third full-length album, TAKE OFF, on May 4. While promoting the album, they expressed their gratitude for a famous dancer.

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On May 11, iKON appeared as guests on KBS Cool FM‘s radio program Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza to promote their album, TAKE OFF.

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iKON first talked about the album’s title track, “U.” The group explained that with this song, they hoped to send a message of “approaching everyone with a party we prepared.” When the host, comedian Lee Eun Ji, asked how they chose “U” as the title song, the members shared that it was a unanimous vote. The music video also features fun Easter eggs in their previous music videos, starting from their debut song, “RHYTHM TA.”

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iKON’s Donghyuk also shared a funny story about the preparation process for their new album, joking at the tough reality for an “older” idol.

We realized we need to practice dancing more often. Our legs hurt now that it’s hard to dance. Every part of our body was in pain.

— Donghyuk

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When asked about the secret to longevity as a group, member Bobby emphasized the importance of respecting each member’s feelings and respecting one another’s mood at all times.

They also praised dancer Aiki, who became famous through the show Street Woman Fighter and is the leader of the dance team HOOK.

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Aiki choreographed their pre-release track, “Tantara,” According to iKON’s Chanwoo, she was like their older sister.

We were surprised at how affectionate she was. Like an older sister, she gave us gifts and was so kind to us while we practiced so we were very thankful.

— Chanwoo

The group then expressed their enthusiasm for promoting the song until summer since many festivals are happening lately due to the great weather.

Watch iKON’s performance version of “Tantara,” choreographed by Aiki and her group HOOK, here.


Source: KBS Cool FM


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