Multiple iKON Japanese Fan Events And Schedules Cancelled

iKON will not be appearing in scheduled shows and events.

YGEX, a partnership label between YG Entertainment and Japanese label AVEX, announced that many of iKON‘s Japanese schedules have been cancelled due to internal affairs.

“The originally planned group photo session, high-touch event, and rehearsal viewing will be cancelled due to various circumstances. Thank you for your understanding, we are very sorry to those who have been looking forward to the events.”



Just hours before, YGEX had also announced that iKON’s live appearance on ABEMA TV was cancelled as well.

“The iKON members’ liver appearance on ABEMA TV Premium Live will no longer take place due to certain circumstances. The program will change its contents and broadcast it.”



The sudden news rose suspicion that iKON’s Japanese schedules were cancelled after member Junhoe was caught in a controversy surrounding his Instagram post about a present he received from Takeshi Kitano.


Takeshi Kitano is a famous Japanese comedian and director who had allegedly said disparaging comments about Korea in the past. When a fan asked Junhoe to take down the supportive post about Takeshi Kitano, Junhoe replied, “Don’t tell me to do this and that~~ I don’t like it ha” Junhoe soon apologized multiple times for his comments and post.


Although it’s uncertain whether the announcements and Junhoe’s controversy are related, iKON fans are disappointed by the cancelled events.


The remaining days of iKON’s Japan Tour 2018 will continue as commenced.