iKON’s Junhoe And Jinhwan Involved In Late Night Car Accident Caused By Their Own Drunk Driver

Their own car driver was drinking before he drove.

iKON members Junhoe and Jinhwan are tending to minor injuries after they were involved in a car accident late last night.

According to an exclusive report from Kyungnam Domin, on July 13, 3:40 am KST, a van containing Junhoe and Jinhwan skidded on the slippery road, causing it to crash into the retaining wall. Both of the iKON members and the driver of the van sustained minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The driver of the van is currently under investigation as it was determined he had been drinking alcohol prior to the crash. Police believe the accident was caused by drunk driving, and are investigating for more specific details.

YG Entertainment has yet to respond to the report.

Source: Gndomin